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Wilson Mobile Amplifiers/Boosters Keep You Connected When You’re On The Move

Wilson carries two categories of mobile amplifiers as listed below - Direct Connection and Mobile Wireless.
All models require an external antenna.

Mobile Wireless Amplifier System.

Requires no physical connection to your phone - it’s wireless

Transmits and receives an improved wireless signal inside your vehicle.

Requires NO physical connection to your phone or    cellular data card

 The system can be used by multiple phones.

 Works with all cell phone models and cellular    data cards

 Inside signal range may vary with signal strength

 Must have an external antenna

Each Mobile Wireless Amplifier System contains an amplifier, a Low-Profile inside antenna, a 6-foot coaxial extension cable, a universal external antenna adapter, and a power cable that plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter.

The Magnet Mounts are recommended for ease of installation and mobility.

For permanent mounting Antenna Options Click Here.


Direct Connection Amplifier System. More...

Connects directly into your phone with an adapter

Puts the improved signal directly into your cell phone or cellular data card through a coaxial cable and adapter and gives you maximum signal performance for rural or remote locations.

• Requires a physical cable connection to your    phone or cellular data card
• No signal loss because of the direct connection
• Best performance in rural or remote locations
• Can be used in buildings
• Adapters available for most phones and data    cards.
• Must have an external antenna

Each Direct Connection Amplifier System contains an amplifier, a 6-foot coaxial extension cable that connects to an external antenna adapter (not included), and a power cable that plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter.

Antenna Options for your Direct Connection Amplifier System.



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